Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camps

Building Blocks Pediatrics Offers Annual Summer Camps for children in Atlanta held at our Marietta location.

All Camps led by registered and licensed therapists.

Maximum of 4:1, child: therapist/teacher ratio.

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Here is a sample listing of our popular Summer Camp Classes

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_atlanta_ga_oct2016_600x400_0020_layer-31“SPEECH-TACULAR” Speech Camp
(Ages 4+)

Give your child the tools for correct speech sound production, while increasing speech intelligibility. Your child will learn correct articulation movements and articulator placement for the sounds s, z, r, l and much more!! This fun and interactive class will give your child the tools for speech success!! Come join us in our “SPEECH-TACULAR” Camp this summer!

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_atlanta_ga_oct2016_600x400_0022_layer-29Social Skills CAMP
(Ages 4+)

Your child will learn and practice social skills with his/her peers in a fun and exciting environment! Games and activities incorporating movement, music and learning, will help your child to improve his/her peer interaction and play skills. Children will be broken up according to his/her age and topics addressed will include greeting others, initiating conversations, being a good sport, helping and being polite to others, engaging in conversational speech, recognizing and understanding feelings and emotions, making and keeping friends, engaging others in play, controlling our own bodies, and improving free-time play skills.

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_atlanta_ga_oct2016_600x400_0003_layer-48Preschool Readiness CAMP
(Ages 3-5)

This camp will help your child to transition to his/her preschool setting with ease! Activities such as circle-time, music, movement and art activities will be used to help your child learn to transition through the preschool day. Skills addressed will include: age-appropriate classroom behavior, attention/focus, fine motor skill development and peer interaction. Give your child the necessary skills for preschool success. Join this fun and exciting class!

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_atlanta_ga_oct2016_600x400_0022_layer-29Handwriting Warriors CAMP
(Ages 4+)

Handwriting made fun and easy! This intensive, yet fun and exciting program will guide your child through the fundamentals of handwriting! While learning to write letters A-Z with correct formation, sizing and spacing, your child will improve his/her pencil grasp, pencil control, finger dexterity and visual spatial skills—all necessary for handwriting legibility that will impress! Interactive games and activities will be used to guide your child’s handwriting and to give your child the confidence he/she needs to succeed in the classroom. Why should your child sit at a desk to learn and practice handwriting? Good question! Let your child become a Writing Warrior and conquer the alphabet! Set the stage now for a future of handwriting success!

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My experience with Building Blocks Pediatrics has been a wonderful one! The Occupational Therapists and the Speech Therapist that have worked with my son are phenomenal! …Most importantly, my son LOVES going to Building Blocks Pediatrics. From his first day at the clinic, I knew he felt right at home in the fun loving atmosphere. He looks forward to going – which is huge for us!

Krista B.

Marietta, GA

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