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Building Blocks Pediatrics
is a comprehensive therapy clinic.
We offer Speech Therapy,
Occupational Therapy, and
Physical Therapy
for children...
from infants to adolescents
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Our clinic also offers specialized services
Social Skills Classes
School & Education Services
Social Skills Classes Educational Services
Our clinic also offers
Music Listening Programs
Vestibular (Balance) Programs
Handwriting Programs
Sensory Diets
Feeding Programs
Group Therapy
Tutoring & Support Groups
We encourage a
personal and a professional
between the parent,
therapist and child.
Our Services
We Believe Therapy
should be a
fun experience!
“My son Loves going to
Building Blocks Pediatrics.

From his first day at the clinic,
I knew he felt right at 
home in this
fun loving atmosphere. He looks
to going ~ which is huge for us!"
Krista B. - Marietta, Georgia
Meet Our Staff

About Building Blocks Pediatrics

Serving North Atlanta for over 10 Years!

Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC therapists are highly trained and we encourage a personal and professional connection between the parent, therapist and child. Our occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists treat in the clinic, home, or school setting. We have clinics in conveniently located in Buckhead and Marietta. Our therapist also travel throughout North Atlanta, including: Alpharetta, Buckhead, East Cobb, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Vinings and Marietta, Georgia.


Our 2018 Summer camp dates have been released!   Camps will consist of no more than a 4:1 ratio and space is limited! ALL of our camps filled up last year, so register today to reserve your child’s spot.  All camps are led by Master’s Level Speech and Language Pathologist/Occupational Therapist.

Camps start in June 2018!



Social Skills Classes ENROLLING NOW!

Children are divided into an age appropriate group. Currently enrolling the following groups:

Group A: 4-7 year old children

Group B: 8-11 year old children

Each class is held every other Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. at our East Cobb (Marietta) Clinic

Your child will be placed into a class that is appropriate for his/her age and work on skills to improve his/her peer interaction, self-regulation and play skills. Interactive games and activities incorporating music and movement will be used to help your child participate in the class.

All Classes are led by a Masters Level OT or SLP.

Each class is limited to 4 students.
Social Skills Classes are not covered by insurance.


More Information

Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC is a comprehensive therapy clinic.

We offer Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy to children from infants to adolescents.

Our occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists treat in the clinic, home, or school setting. Areas of town where our therapists typically travel include: Buckhead, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Vinings, Smyrna, North Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, East Cobb, and Marietta, Georgia. We treat a variety of diagnoses including but not limited to: Down Syndrome, Autism, PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), Cerebral Palsy, Speech Delay, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Fine Motor Coordination/ Strength deficits, and Gross Motor/ Coordination Deficits. Our Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapists have received specialized training using a variety of therapeutic techniques. These include but are not limited to, Sensory Integrative, Neuromuscular, and Neurodevelopmental approaches.

Laura and I want to thank you for the last three years of assistance with our son. You have truly helped us to transform him from a frightened, “disorganized” and very difficult child to the highly-functioning and happy little man that he is today. We’ve said many times that you were a game-changer for our family. By intervening early, and thanks to your dedication we feel that our son’s trajectory has shifted to a positive view of the future. He is right where he needs to be going to Holy Innocents. While the future will probably have some bumps in the road, we feel the early intervention has transformed our child.

Mark and Laura M.

Atlanta, GA


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is concerned with a child’s ability to participate in desired daily life activities. Occupational Therapists use their unique expertise to help children prepare for and perform important learning and developmental activities for children with and without disabilities.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is provided to children who are experiencing functional limitations or disability due to a disorder, a disease process, or trauma. The goals of treatment are to diminish impairments and to prevent or decrease disability, while enhancing reflexes, improving tone, range of motion, and strength, as well as motor skills and functions.

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Speech Therapy

Speech / Language Pathologists diagnose and treat children who have communication, oral-motor, and feeding deficits. Communication deficits are primarily characterized by receptive and expressive language disorders and articulation/speech disorders.

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Family-Centered Treatment Approach

We believe therapy should be a fun experience and something your child looks forward to. Whether a child needs Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Physical Therapy, the experience should be fun and boost self-esteem.

Our clinic also offers specialized services including the following programs and services.

Music Listening Programs

A child must be evaluated previously to determine if Music Listening therapies are an appropriate adjundt to therapy. Building Blocks Pediatrics offers consultative appointments with a certified music therapist.

Feeding Programs

Many of the therapists at Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC have tremendous experience with feeding delays and food sensitivities. A feeding delay is overwhelming and stressful to a family. There are many programs and ideas we can offer children and families to assist with these issues.


building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_programs_atlanta_ga_nov2016_120x120_cir_08Tutoring offered at Building Blocks Pediatrics for all children of all ages & abilities.

Group Therapy

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_programs_atlanta_ga_nov2016_120x120_cir_05Peer Groups offer opportunities to children that individual therapy cannot offer; the multi-sensory somewhat chaotic environment that occurs when kids are together and have some fun. Opportunities to take turns, communicate wants and needs, and create themes to play can be very challenging for children.

Handwriting Programs

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_programs_atlanta_ga_nov2016_120x120_cir_06Fine motor and handwriting groups are often offered at Building Blocks Pediatrics. These groups are designed for pre-school and school aged children of all abilities. These groups address pre-writing skills, letter formation, coloring, gross motor strengthening, fine motor coordination, and pencil grasp.

Sensory Integration

building_blocks_pediatrics_therapy_programs_atlanta_ga_nov2016_120x120_cir_03The Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a complex disorder of the brain that affects developing children. Children with SPD misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound, and movement. Depending on which type of SPD a child has, he or she may feel as if he is overwhelmed with information, he may seek out intense sensory experiences, or he might have other symptoms. This can lead to behavioral problems, difficulties with coordination, and other issues.

Sensory Diets


A sensory diet is a group of activities that are specifically scheduled into a child’s day to assist with attention, arousal and adaptive responses. The activities are chosen for that child’s needs based on sensory integration theory.

Vestibular (Balance) Programs

Evidence has shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in improving symptoms related to many vestibular (inner ear/balance) disorders. People with vestibular disorders often experience problems with vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance. These are the problems that rehabilitation aims to address.

Our daughter loves going to Building Blocks Pediatrics. Our therapist is a pleasure to work with. She has the sweetest demeanor with both parents and children. She has helped my daughter improve her fine motor skills and upper body strength. The staff is professional and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Sanam A.

Marietta, GA

My son has had several therapists at Building Blocks over the last few years, and has thoroughly enjoyed each one! I always recommend your company to others because I know you are very conscientious and only hire the BEST! I was skeptical at first about trying the music listening therapy program as it seemed like voodoo science to me, but I am now a believer as it has really worked wonders for my son (6 yrs old with Autism). This program has helped his language, his hearing sensitivity issues, and improved his attention and focus. Overall, my son seems more “grounded” and in “our world”. I highly recommend trying this therapy if you have children with sensory issues.

Susan Ellis

Marietta, GA, The TV Teacher, LLC

My son has been a part of Building Blocks Pediatrics of the past 3+ years. His therapist is one of his favorite people. She has worked hard with him on regulation, fine motor and sensory issues. Her patience level, sense of humor and expertise have allowed my son to progress in the area where he struggles most. We have recently changed therapists due to scheduling problems. We were not surprised to find that our new therapist is just as enthusiastic, empathetic and qualified. My son enjoys going to OT therapy and feels proud of himself each time he leaves.

Julie C.

Marietta, GA

We Foster a Personal & Professional Connection Between the Parent, Therapist & Child

We strive to use a sensory integrative approach. We have found that this helps children with sensory processing difficulties and/or language and speech delays. Our therapists’ use a family-centered treatment approach. Therapy should be a fun experience and something your child looks forward to. Whether a child needs Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Physical Therapy, the experience should be fun and boost self-esteem. Parents are encouraged to participate in treatment, observe, ask questions, and utilize the home programs your therapist will design during and after your child’s sessions.

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