Getting Started

Getting Started

Many parents who are visiting the Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC web site are here to learn about therapy. If you are new to the “therapy world,” we dedicate the following information to you:

Being a parent is one the most rewarding life-experiences anyone could ask for. The joy that a happy, loving child brings into a parent’s world is unsurpassed. In the same breath, there is no greater pain than realizing your child may be “behind” others or needs “extra help” in some areas. Some children are diagnosed with a disorder or syndrome. Regardless of the severity of the deficit, it is challenging to come to terms with the idea that your child needs some kind, any kind of therapy. Some parents are dumbfounded and cannot cope with the recommendations given by a doctor or teacher. Other parents spring into action; “surfing the web” calling support groups, and trying to gather information on anything and everything that can be done to help their child. The experience can be overwhelming and devastating for a parent. Here are a few points to consider when navigating the “therapy world.”

If your child is pulling at his/her ears and crying more than usual, and running a temperature you may suspect that something is wrong. Could the child have an ear infection? How many days of crying, Do you “wait it out”? Each parent is different. Some wait and see and some immediately run their child to the doctor. Therapy can be seen in a similar light only there will be different signs:

Signs may include a doctor or teacher suggesting therapy, a child feeling down about his or her abilities, signs of sensory integration dysfunction (Sensory Integration)

~ the ULTIMATE sign is when YOU (the parent or caregiver) intuitively feel something is “not right”. Then the question becomes: do I act on this feeling? Do I seek out therapy? We at Building Blocks Pediatrics feel that an evaluation is a harmless way to learn if there truly is a deficit or weakness to address. Sometimes evaluations lead to simple recommendations for the home setting and therapy is not recommended.

There a many studies that indicate that catching a deficit early can only benefit a child. It is A LOT easier to treat a child and see results at 3 than it is at 13 when self esteem, deficits and compensatory strategies have already taken place.

There is so much pain and guilt involved when a parent finds out that their child needs help. It is critical to recognize these powerful feelings and to know that you are not alone. If you are reading this site, it is likely that you are a person who is trying to learn more about ways to help your child. There is nothing more valuable than this intention and the love you are showing just by reading this. Know that if you intend to find the best for your child you will be proud that you are that kind of parent/caregiver. Your child is learning wonderful, caring, loving behaviors just by watching your behavior. Remember to do your best for your child/children each day and by doing your best you HAVE done enough. Most importantly, remember your child loves you and looks to you for guidance on how to deal with the world. All of the love your child emits is a reflection of what you have taught him/ her as a parent. There is no greater gift than this.

Building Blocks Pediatrics Therapy Forms

We appreciate you coming to Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC for your therapy services! Below are the items we will need to get your child started for therapy. Call us at 770-321-6705 with any questions, we are here to help!


Click Here to Download Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC Therapy Forms

1)  Please download and fill out these forms completely

FAX completed forms to 404.551.3891 or MAIL them to us at:

Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC
1230 Johnson Ferry Place, Suite G-10
Marietta, Georgia 30068

2)  Have your Doctor Fax PRESCRIPTION for services to 404.551.3891

Bring original to your first appointment.


Click here to download: Adobe Acrobat Reader

3)  First Appointment ~ Once we’ve scheduled your first appointment we reserve this time for you and your child. Please call ASAP if you cannot attend.

The above forms must be signed and brought to your first meeting (mailed or faxed in) with your therapist. Please do not forget your Doctor’s prescription for services.

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Our daughter Katie loves working with Building Blocks Pediatric’s therapist! Katie is seven years old and has Down Syndrome. She is learning to write, but has low fine motor skills and some spatial perception challenges. At Building Blocks, they designed a program for Katie that addresses those needs in a number of activities that challenge Katie and keep her interested. At the same time, her therapist makes sure it is fun and motivating for Katie so that she can get through all the activities. With a great blend of expressive fun, firm challenge, and rewarding encouragement, Building Blocks Pediatrics provides a perfect compliment to this approach. As a result, Katie is making progress on her goals and looks forward every week to seeing her therapist. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Building Blocks Pediatrics.

Jim & Tara N.

Marietta, Georgia

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Laura and I want to thank you for the last three years of assistance with our son. You have truly helped us to transform him from a frightened,”disorganized” and very difficult child to the highly-functioning and happy little man that he is today. We’ve said many times that you were a game-changer for our family. By intervening early, and thanks to your dedication we feel that our son’s trajectory has shifted to a positive view of the future. He is right where he needs to be going to Holy Innocents. While the future will probably have some bumps in the road, we feel the early intervention has transformed our child.

Mark & Laura M

Atlanta, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do children need Occupational, Speech, or Physical Therapy?

Pediatric therapy is valuable to children who are not meeting age-appropriate, developmental milestones. Therapists are trained to understand how children develop and can train caregivers and family members to address developmental delays in the home. More